Driverless vEhicles in ou lives ? Let’s talk about it!

The first French citizens’ debate brought together 361 persons
in 5 French communities on January 27th 2018

The urban community of Grand Paris Seine et Oise, Toulouse Metropole and Sicoval, Rennes Metropole and the urban communities of la Rochelle and Sophia-Antipolis welcomed 361 citizens on January 27th 2018. They came to debate all day about issues related to the arrival of driverless vehicles in their lives and their territories.

On those 5 sites, they followed the same debate protocols and answered the same questions.

It was an unprecedented debate on such a topic!

“For once, we ask citizens their advice before the technology is out on the street.” – Sylvie Landrieve, Forum Vies Mobiles

Debate locations

How was this day ?  

The format: five discussion rounds of about one hour, so that all participants can gradually get into the complexity of the subject. Each cycle began with the projection of a video inviting to the exchange of arguments and carrying information on these new technologies and their impact on our lives.

Information videos are available here!

Among the issues addressed: expected benefits in our lives, the mobility of disabled persons, the arrival of the first autonomous flying taxis, or the loss of revenue for the state caused by the disappearance of fines and other taxes on fossil fuels, etc.

Discussion tables of 5 to 6 people gave the participants the opportunity to exchange with ease, and to express themselves without fear of judgment – from their relatives, or from experts who were not invited to take part in the debates. In the end, this atmosphere allowed citizens to find themselves in the position of being actors and partners of the politics, and not being reduced to a function of future consumers of new technologies.

Short version

Long version

The results

We invite you to read the results of this debate here!

The complete and analyzed results were made public in Rennes, on March 16th, 2018, during the InOut show, (“Digital mobility is inventing and testing in Rennes”).

The debate in pictures


The citizens’ debate on driverless vehicles is carried out by a coalition of partners: local authorities hosting debates, private partners (actors from the various concerned economic sectors ), public institutions and research institutes.

Missions Publiques designed it and will animates it.

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