Organize a mirror debate

Are you interested in the subject and the method? Do not hesitate to organize a “mirror debate”! You can download here the documents used during the debate. We provide the information magazine and the videos projected on D-Day.

Help yourself !

Download the citizens’ debate magazine « Bougeons demain »

This informative magazine was distributed to participants before the citizen’s debate. Each territory has its magazine version: you can download it here.
Good reading !

Information videos were broadcast on each debate site

Each of the 6 sequences of the debate began with the viewing of an information video presenting some information and some reactions of citizens.

SEQUENCE 0: Entry into matter

SEQUENCE 1: What does VSC mean to you?

SEQUENCE 2: Driverless vehicles, what changes in our lives?

SEQUENCE 3: What scenarios for the deployment of driverless vehicles?

SEQUENCE 4: A society of travelling robots? Opportunities and points of vigilance

SEQUENCES 5 and 6: Focus on my territory + evaluation of the day